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Swimming, which is a lifelong sport

People, regions, and society, I value communication and put energy into the spread and development of swimming.

Business Information    

Name General corporation Miraple   Established April 2015    Location Suginami Ward, Tokyo

Representative Director Seiichi Wada   Directors 3

Seiichi Wada


Japan Sports ssociation Official Swimming CoachⅡ
 Japanese Para-Sports Association Official Senior Instructor
 Japanese Red Cross Society  Water Safety Ⅰ

 Teaching background
 Swimming school School instruction (Infant-adult, beginner to player training instruction, record meeting, events such as events)

Tokyo Metropolitan Tokyo Sports Center for the Disabled

Tokyo Metropolitan Swimming Pool for the Disabled

Asian Youth Disabled Swimmers Competition Officials 

Person with a disability place of life training place instruction

Disabled people group / classroom instruction

Facility swimming pool planning planning planning guidance

Gymnastics for people with disabilities

Teaching method

FM Setagaya (radio) appearance

Nippon Television 24 hour TV Challenge planning (disability) cooperation

Past record holding experience at regional and social organization competitions

Para event planning and management

“Message from the teacher” from BungeishaPalette method of paint that “can be continued happily” (episode short story)

Mi:Until the future  ra:Enjoy(rapport)  ple:Swimming Pool

Miraple contributes to the spread and development of swimming for the disabled.

Through swimming, which is a lifelong sport, promotes physical and mental health, recovers functions, promotes independence and social participation, and creates a community where all people are healthy and full of spirit, including eliminating water accidents.

We will carry out activities aimed at contributing to the improvement ofThen, by spreading swimming know-how and technology to the local community and society, and fostering consultants who support independence, we aim to revitalize the spread and development of swimming and return it to the local community, society, government, and various organizations.

I will.We will carry out activities to create many opportunities for people to enjoy “water and swimming” in a fun and safe manner, “anytime, ever”. In addition, we believe that “people’s gathering” and “heart of connection” are important, and we will nurture “heart” through swimming and devote our time and energy to communication.

We would like to empathize with everyone to create an environment and society where many people can go out for a swim, have fun, and enter a part of their lifestyle.

We have some voices from you, but I will introduce you.


My daughter ,who did not even like putting her face in the water ,says she now enjoys pool time the most.As her swimming skills improve ,she is gaining confidence in her physical abillties and establishing ambition ,which boosts her mentalstate.

(Elementary school student , female)


I started swimming because I wanted to try doing a triathlon. I thought the event ,I would be the weakest in ,was swimming but I am enjoying it now.

                                                    (Adult , male)


Because my son was even afraid of putting his face in water ,I was not expecting him to be able to swim at all.  However , he learned how to swim in an instant and it seems that he has also gained confidence.  From a parent’s perspective ,I fell that swimming has helped him grow mentally and physically.

                                (Elementary school student , male)


He certainly improved his swimming skills but what I think is the most important is that he was able to improve gradually and cofidence. I am able to enjoy swimming now.  Thank you!

                                                                                               (Elementary student , boy) 


My son is handicapped and is unable to talk but he loves to exercise and swim. Under a mutual trust between the instructor and my son ,he realized the fun of swimming and day by day he is able to do more things. Through swimming ,he has leaned how to move his body and how learning can lead to being able to do a wide range of activities. This has boosted his confidence ,which I believe has been a good influence outside swimming. 

                                                                       (Handicapped , elementary student , boy)


Through polite and accurate instructions ,I learned various swimmng techniques ,which helped me to discover another fun leisure activity.

                                                                                               (Handicapped , adult , male) 


Even though I was not even able to take a breath while swimming ,I am glad to be able to swim now.  I love and enjoy swimming.

                                (Elementary student , girl)


They teach while understanding the characteristice of the handicapped and the child’s individuality so the children can lean calmly and the parents can trust the teachers with their children.Through calm and patient instructions ,I fell my son is gredually grasping the proper underwater body movements.Swimming should be a long-term enjoyble activity to do at your own pace.

           (Elementary school student , male , disabled)


He is good at teaching.The daughter is pleased.As a parent, the change of the form is seen in lesson start ten minutes ,and is dynamic beautifully; swam.It was the private guidance that I began in second graders ,but did jump-up immediately in the seventh grade ⇒ first grade.I aim at the top at a best quality level being aware of thyme more ,and the daughter wants to go to the most high level of best quality 5 early this year! is determined.So much I appreciate that I can taste pleasure of the  swimming ,joy ,sense of accomplishment to a teacher with parent and child heartily.

                              (Elementary school , girl)


Thanks to Mr. Wada,I was able to swim faster swimming pool so well. At first I was scared of water but I am not afraid now. I plan to continue the pool even if I become a junior high school student. Also, as a junior high school student, if you want to go to the pool alone and want to do a better way, please tell me again. Besides that I could not swim breaststroke nor crawl at first. Then you can swim little by little and you can also float backstroke by yourself. I am not good at it yet but butterfly can now swim as well.

                               (Elementary student , boy)


To Mr. Wada Glasses (goggles) Thank you very much.I’m looking forward to the pool.

                      (Handicapped , elementary student , boy)


The children were indebted to us. Of course it is good to swim through the lesson,but I think that I could have made a “nucleus” that I can feel confident in myself in particular.Mr.Wada’s lesson that I can feel the growth of children was a lot of fun for me and I could hardly wait.Thank you so far.I pray for their continued success.In addition to the swimming ability, the personality of the teacher who was bright,warm and seriously touched seriously was children and those I wanted to emulate. Although I will miss it, this relationship has become a lifetime for our house. thank you for helping me! Thank you! !Thank you for telling me how to swim.I really liked breaststroke. Please continue to be fine.It was a really fun time to date. Even if I become an adult I will not forget.

                   (Elementary school sisters and family members)


Mr.Wada Thank you for letting me on the television for 24 hours.I love it.Thank you for coming to warm up.Let ‘s keep on trying.

                       (Handicapped , elementary student , boy)


It was really fun, so it was nice to have some time with my teacher! I thought. I heard from my husband that I was breaststroke. I envy children who can enjoy swimming. My relationship with Dr. Wada is really big for my family. Thank you for your advice. I will forget about it immediately, so I would like to look back at the emails I received.

(Elementary school girls)

Miraple Membership Agreement

Article 1(Introduction procedure)
 The entrance fee and annual fee determined by the club will be paid to the designated account.

Article 2 (Absent / Late)
 If members wish to be absent or change the date and time, they must contact them 3 hours before the scheduled start time.

We will not make any changes or refunds for one-time notices.

Article 3 (Learning)
 Members should follow the instructions of the leader during the course.

Article 4 (Time to attend)
 The training time includes the facility break time.

Article 5(for those with disabilities)
 Person with a disability shall carry out the facilities use as leader by leader with person with a disability certificate.

Article 6 (Payment of tuition fees etc.)
 Necessary payments such as tuition fees must be paid in advance to the designated account in principle.

Article 7 (Supplementary Provisions)
 The bylaws will come into force on April 1, 2015.

 People with disabilities(60minutes)

One-on-one instructionPrice befoe tax yenIncluding tax yen
Enrollment fee/annual fee¥0¥0
First  ¥4,500¥4,950
Every once¥6,300 ¥6,930
4 lessons¥23,500¥25,850

For application and consultation  ➡  Subscription

<Business content>

(1) Business related to planning and operation of classrooms (groups, groups)

Guidance is aimed at improving skills, making friends, and learning social relationships such as human relationships.

(2) Business related to individual guidance (one-on-one, individual lessons)

You can quickly achieve results based on the style, purpose and individuality that suits you.We believe that it is important to develop and develop the individuality of each person, including the development of humanity, and the relationship of trust and communication with the students, parents and families.

(3) Business about upbringing of leader

We teach the essential fun and splendor of swimming safely and enjoyably (swimming) and develop human resources for those who can and can teach.By having parents and children, seniors and juniors, local residents, friends, colleagues, etc. take courses, we will make the environment more accessible.We will also create a place to share information.

(4) Business related to dispatching leaders (dispatching leaders to countries, public bodies, schools, and other organizations)

We will send leaders and give lectures to government agencies, schools, facilities, and various organizations to contribute to the spread and development of swimming and to give back to the community.

(5) Business related to planning, operation and enforcement of competitions and events

We will provide opportunities to swim in the sea, rivers, etc., plan, manage, and implement joint training camps, competitions, etc., and hold them in collaboration with governments and companies.By soliciting participation from areas, business establishments, groups, etc. related to swimming and deepening mutual understanding through exchanges,We will create a world of swimming with a sense of unity.Rather than disseminating information over a wide area, knowing, connecting, and disseminating, we aim to facilitate mutual exchange by knowing and respecting each other’s swimming.A large number of people will participate, regardless of whether they are the sponsors or the participants, and all of them will have fun while raising awareness about swimming and transmitting information.

(6) Business related to planning and operation of disaster prevention and rescue / town development

We will develop the knowledge to protect lives from water accidents, the basics of swimming, the rescue of drowning people, and the first aid.”Self-help” that protects ourselves from water damage is the first priority, but we protect safety in cooperation with local communities, governments, and other organizations.We will also create a “mutual aid” organization.

(7) Business about child care, youth upbringing

We cooperate with companies, public facilities classrooms, various groups, PTA, administration, etc. to share information, and local residents become safe and secure in the pool.We will create an easy-to-access environment and an organization that provides nformation.

(8) Business related to the production and sale of goods

We perform form check video production and sales of DVDs and books in collaboration with companies and manufacturers.

(9) Business related to international exchange activities

We will create an environment in which foreign residents and other groups are familiar with swimming.We will disseminate, develop and disseminate information.

(10) Business related to public facility management / resort management / operation

In preparation

Persons with disabilities related schools, facilities, etc.

contact details   mail : wada@miraple.org

Depending on the content, you may not be able to answer or you may have time. Please note.

(Sorry, please contact us in Japanese)

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